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Through Hardships to the Stars

You are the captain of one of many ark ships that have left the earth for search of a new home for humanity. Discover new planets and populate colonies. On the way, you will experience friends and foes, and its up to you to decide how to preserve the life of your citizens on your ship, and eventually preserve the human race.


  • Inspired by FTL, Fallout Shelter, and old style RPGs.
  • Play how you want. Some play styles include pirate, trader, explorer, etc. Travel the galaxy and discover new planets to either mine resources, or establish colonies.
  • Procedurally generated planets, galaxy, allies, enemies, situations, and communications. Each time you play is a unique experience.
  • Find materials throughout the galaxy to research new technologies which upgrade your ship and protect your citizens.
  • Experience random encounters, which include answering distress beacons(which can be traps), fighting pirates, interacting with traders, and more.
  • Negotiate with enemies. Offer supplies to stop an attack, or try to escape them. Be a pirate yourself attacking a friendly ship and demand supplies from them. Ships may offer to surrender to stop your attack.
  • Each citizen on the ship has a mind of their own and react to your decisions as a captain. If you limit food rationing, have hard punishments for crimes, or engage in questionable activities, they may form rebellion factions and plot to overthrow you. Citizens can also marry and have children.
  • Build, maintain, and upgrade different rooms on your ship. If a room is not maintained, it can have different affects on your ship and it's population.
  • Procedurally generated ambient and combat soundtrack system. Each track is skibbable if you dislike the current track being played, and a new unique song will be generated.
  • Sickness can spread throughout the ship. You must either find a cure and/or improve living conditions to eliminate the sickness.
  • Communicate with the ship's AI bot to get details on your ship's status, or just have a conversation. AI bot can also say 976 different pre-recorded names while communicating with you. For a list of names, go here: http://pastebin.com/RQiucU0M
  • Assign citizens a job on the ship. Assign them professions such as scientist, navigator, security, janitor, etc. If a citizen is in a bad mood, they can quit their job and go on a crime spree.
  • Assign reporters, and they will publish a weekly digital newspaper about your ship. Stories will include the latest ship encounters, updates from your colonies, interviews on citizens, opinions, and more. All stories will be based on your decisions and actions as a captain.
  • Set the rules of the ship. Set punishments for various offenses such as assault and drug possession. Each choice has its own consequence.
  • Future feature – Multiplayer. Play with other players in the galaxy. Make allies, battle, and more.
  • Will be available for Window, Mac, and Linux, and sold for a reasonable price.


This game is currently unavailable